PlayStation Store Account Instructions


If you live outside of the USA, and wish to purchase PSN cards to redeem to your account; you may need to create a new USA account in order to redeem the funds.

  1. Log out of your old user account.
  2. Go to the PSN and select ‘Register for PlayStation Network’
  3. Select ‘Master Account’ and provide a unique email address, we suggest creating an Outlook/Gmail account for this process.
  4. Enter a USA address (this does not need to be incredibly specific) ◦Street Address 1: 123 Main Street (Be as creative as you wish)
    • City: Redmond
    • State: WA
    • Zip Code: 98052
    • Only the State, City, and Zip Code need to be valid locations

Continue the registration process from here and you will have your very own USA PSN account; ready to redeem your PSN gift vouchers, and gain access to US content all on your PlayStation device.