Announcing BG-D2CB League Season 4

Announcing BG-D2CB League Season 4

After three successful tournaments/leagues (BG Dota 2 Championship, BG-D2CB League Season 2, Season 3), now we are proud to announce BG-D2CB League Season 4.

Total prize money will be around 50,000tk. With the new format, we hope to make it worthwhile for every participant whether you’re playing your first tournament or you’re already a veteran. Our purpose is to improve the scene by providing a competitive platform for all the veteran teams as well as ensure all the new comers a platform where they can play with new teams and players and develop step by step.

More details available here: link.

To register,

  • Purchase your Team Pass [ link ].

  • You will receive your ORDER NUMBER thru email.

  • Go to Sign up Page [ link ]

  • Fill it up and put your ORDER NUMBER at the end.

  • Submit the form.